Raima Sen targeting Perfect Murder Roktokorobi

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Raima Sen targeting Perfect Murder Roktokorobi

Today I will share a review of a great thriller movie for you, actually the number of such thrillers in Bengal is limited. Those who read my writings know that I do not review all movies / series. I don’t post reviews that I think.
If the movie is good, I definitely review it

First of all, it is not possible to write Raktkarbi without giving spoilers, so those who haven’t seen it yet, please refrain from reading the review and those who still read it, read it at their own risk.

I remember in my childhood when the movie called ‘Gupta’ came out, everyone came out and said, Kajol is a killer. One of our friends said that after watching our previous show.
— Hey, do you know who the murderer is?? Kajol
I came away without tearing the ticket. Yes, I don’t watch it at all when I sit and watch a thriller and get a rough guess, I think I’m wasting my time.

Anyway, let’s get to the series review.
Since you said spoilers first, let’s come to the story line at the beginning. Here Vikram is a psychiatrist. Somehow one of his patients commits suicide and the doctor himself gets traumatized and his morale is broken. At that time we see Raima-Rupi Ranga Boudi. Raimai consults Vikram’s would-be wife Rukma and tries to revive Vikram’s morale and takes him to their village home Udaldanga. The story begins here. Ranga Baudi’s husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law started dying one by one in a surprising way. One by one, Ranga Baudi started seeing her husband’s ghost. Although apparently the deaths seemed accidental and a ghostly atmosphere was created, Vikram came down to solve this mystery and discovered that everything was pre-planned and Its protagonist is Ranga Boudi himself and his old lover

You must have read Agatha Christie
Satyajit Roy told his son Sandeep Roy
— Baby, when you make a movie, at least don’t make the same mistake as the rest When we read the book, we read again and again despite knowing who is the murderer in the thriller, but when it is known in the movie, the attraction of watching it goes away, so you show the villain at the beginning!! Let people come to watch knowing.
Satyajit Ray was a big Holmes fan but Christie never was. Who is the real killer until the last minute of any of his novels?? Here too no matter how big a detective you are, no matter how predictable any episode of any series is, the bloody end. Nothing will make you understand

Sayantan always believes in very smart script.,Original story by Sahana Dutt, the series is big enough but there is no room for a single drop of boredom in the five and half hour series. Sayantan understands human sentiments very well. So right at the beginning when we see Raima’s mother-in-law Tulika Bose or her husband Bhaswar. Falling into delusion, later it is known that they were quite bad minded, we were shocked ourselves

in acting
Raima alone scored a hundred in this series No one was allowed to stand on the sidelines. Raima’s performance of the character of Boudi almost without makeup is not possible for anyone in Tollywood today to touch her. When children’s parents are actors and actresses, it is not easy for them to make a place in the industry, rather the work is much more difficult for them because in every case comparisons with their parents come up, that’s why Abhishek Bachchan’s career didn’t go well, on the other hand, Hrithik Roshan, the son of a flop hero, is even today. Raima is just like Shaswat Chatterjee. Every time I see her I forget who Shuvendu Chatterjee is because Shaswat is hundreds of times ahead of his father in acting talent. Raima is exactly the same, even Munmun Sen’s name will not come near her.

What I was saying. If the first place goes to Raimar, the second place is definitely to Labani Sarkar I was fascinated and just thought again and again is this really acting?? What level of actor can a person be so natural. Lavani is in one word amazing.

What Vikram had to do was done beautifully. Vikram is a good enough actor so he gave his best. Tulika Basu and Shantilal Mukhopadhyay are the rest. ,say me look at me and tell me.Both of them are just.Bhaswar is good enough even for a short time.She is also very good as Bhaswar’s younger sister and Vikram’s sister is also perfect.Rukma always does well even though she had nothing special to do here.

Sayantan’s camera work is superb and so is the screen presence of every artist
I have seen many serials where the missing links can’t be connected properly at the end, as a result of which it doesn’t leave a mark in the mind, here Sayantan is completely successful. He connected the missing links in a great way.

The psychology of the audience is that the audience always wants to not feel stupid after the end of what he is watching, so the questions that arise in the mind while watching the series is the director’s job to answer them appropriately through the series and this is where Sayantan is ultimately successful.

When I was a child, there was a common question in Bengali exams. The validity of naming a poem or a story. There would have been 10/12 marks for it. Sayantan has created this place in such a smooth way. The name of the series is Raktkarbi, its main metaphor is Raktkarbi flower. You can’t think of such an extraordinary metaphor. Besides, the use of flowers in graphics has flourished brilliantly. Ravi Ranjan. Those who know Maitra know what he is!! So it goes without saying that Sayantan has given the job of editing to a qualified person.

Sayantan has only one

My question is if there is dementia in Bhulu Jethu and his descendants and if Bhaswar is the son of Bhulu Jethu, then if Radha i.e. Shantilal is gay, then who is the girl? Ie the younger sister of Bhaswar and whose child is Radha? In that case what is Shantilal?? I was waiting for this answer

Bengali Top 5 Movie Review

I have known Sayantan Ghoshal since my childhood because his expectations are always high and needless to say, Sayantan has taken it to the limit of height. I have seen very few such smart directors of the new generation.
— Why are you studying film? You can become a hero by modeling everything from your looks, gestures, and posture.

Finally, the best thriller series seen recently is Raktkarbi, undoubtedly

And the best discovery of the best of this series is Haridas Chattopadhyay’s role of Bhulu Jethu himself. Even though it is a multi-star cast series, I don’t think anyone can come next to Bhulu Jethu in a character role. Kudos to him.

Who sings who dances?
Who goes to whose house?????????

Sayantan’s way of using Bhulu Jethu’s dementia to create a series of question-and-answer games is undoubtedly the best USP of the series.

If you really want to watch high-quality thriller series in Bengali and if you like emotional stories, then you must watch Raktkarbi.
Vikram Chatterjee, Raima Sen, Ranja Tulika Basu, Satyabati Haridas Chatterjee, Kalyan (Bhulu Jethu) Shantilal Mukherjee, Radhaprasanna Laboni Sarkar, Bithi Bhaswar Chatterjee, Saibal Rooqma Ray, Bidula Angana Ray, Meghla Kinjal

IMdb Rating 8.1
Who is the director of this series?
-Sayantan Ghosal
Roktokorobi Releasing Date
-Feb 3,2023(India)
How To Watch Roktokorobi Series
-OTT Platform ZEE5
Who is the writer of this original.
-Sahana Dutta
Total Episode
-11 Episodes
  • 5hr.33min

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