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About Our Company

We are Film Production of Bangladesh have been providing film production leads since 2015.


11+ Years Of Experiences

During the 11 years of filmmaking we have been involved in filmmaking with many commercial video ads.


Work With Big Clients

We have worked with the most reputed companies of the country. We have completed a successful production business.


Expertise In Films

With a group of film lovers, our productions complete every task.
Every Team Creative Soulation


Newest Technology

We use all modern tools to produce our video commercial ads.
We are also producing international films in collaboration with Biway.

What We Good At

It is our goal to create good quality creative films and we are committed to bringing healthy cinema entertainment to you. With me we have been working according to your taste every time.

  • Films Production90
  • TVC Campaigns80
  • Products Marketing70
  • Events Filming70

Why Choose Us

We do your work with creative and skilled team. Any work is equally acceptable to us

Professional Equipment

We believe that quality work is possible with a professional team and professional equipment, so professionalism is our priority.

Time Incentive

We complete every work with time and patience. We provide delivery before the dead line

Hollywood Quality

Quality is premium as our films conform to production standards. Like Hollywood movies

Words From Clients

Look, no matter what video, commercial, movie you make, remember that you make it with skilled experience people. So that you can enjoy great features with a video

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Feel free to contact us for any information and any suggestions you may have on our team and work portfolio