Ronbir Kapoor as Naina asked Bunny,What do you want from life Movie

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Ronbir Kapoor as Naina asked Bunny,What do you want from life Movie

In a scene of YJHD where Bunny and Naina were climbing the highest peak of Manali, they had a beautiful conversation about expectation from life of each other. Naina asked Bunny, ” What do you want from life?” Bunny answered, ” Adventure. Madness. Every day shall be so exciting that I can feel my blood rushing in my veins! I want to fly, I want to run too, I’ll even fall.

I just never want to stop. Like climbing this mountain. It’s just a random experience for you but for me, it’s an addiction.”
I’ll never gonna protect bunny for choosing dreams over loved ones. But at the same time, I support bunny because he was ambitious, he had drew his dreams to travel all over the world and he lived his dreamy life for real. It’s a success. There’s so many people who even didn’t know how to dream, so many people who left their dream incomplete for so many reasons. In this circumstance, Bunny dare to dream, being himself that much capable to fulfill his dream, live his dreamy life.

He also take the responsibility of his own dream. I know, it is an extraordinary thought of living life. But still it’s a dream. He wanted to experience San- Francisco’s Mutten Burger, Johannesburg’s World Cup, California and so on. And He did it too. As a partner Bunny was a pure red flag, as a human being not enough sensitive, as a friend even not supposed to be dependable.

But in my eyes, he’s a dreamer. I know it’s selfish and people can never forgive him for not attending his father’s funeral, not being connected with his friends for so long. But I mere feel that chasing his dreams was more important to him. And having as high as sky dreams are not wrong too.

Naina was carrerist, Avi was never serious in life and Aditi was just happy with her loved ones. Only Bunny know the feeling of weaving a dream for years and chasing it to fulfill. Bunny was not that bad at all too!

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