Letter to a Character Ahana From Movie Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

by lampbd

Letter to a Character Ahana From Movie Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

Dear Ahana,

I know you very well. How many nights I spent awake like you! Looking at the chat where I got no reply to so many messages. The colorful color has changed to blue. I’ve been waiting like you.

I spent day after day in depression and anxiety. I kept an eye on the phone and watched his social movements. More frustration set in. I could not stop myself. I could not take my eyes off the phone. Tried hard to immerse yourself in other work! I didn’t lose my mind. Even sitting in the circle of friends zone out, I thought what he is doing!

Looking for social validation. I thought all the pictures are perfect even behind the pictures of everyone smiling. Everyone is fine, I’m not! So I wanted to stay well together. I often went out with friends, took pictures with a smile and came home not enjoying myself one bit!

But then one day the mind came out of this! I understand that all fake! All empty! In this virtual world, no matter how much one says ‘very much loved’, but everyone is very lonely. Everyone is looking forward to the validation if they give a picture! Desperate to get Reach, this unreal world is broken! I am out of this world. Like you!

It wasn’t easy to overcome this scumbag. This is a world of addiction. There is no way out. There is no light. you can too To float out into the real world and breathe. To extend a hand to two dear friends. They will pull you tight, in this world where the feet touch the grass, the birds chirp in the ears and the sweet fragrance of flowers in the air.

  • It’s over
    An antisocial friend

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