From Vikrant, Manoj is becoming the hero of middle class life Movie 12th Fail

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From Vikrant, Manoj is becoming the hero of middle class life Movie 12th Fail


Every time I try to spend the first day of the year a little differently. Now that I saw the movie 12th_fail produced-directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra on Disney hotstar, I decided to watch this Oscar-nominated movie at night after dinner. It was late at night. I thought I’d leave it for a while. But I understood within ten minutes, I can’t get up without watching the whole movie!


Incidentally, this is a movie based on a true story written by Anurag Pathak. In which the story of the life struggle of an IPS officer named Manoj Kumar Sharma, who hails from an infamous village of “Chambal”, is told. How a man from extreme poverty, tireless hard work and four attempts managed to clear UPSC PRELIMS, MAINS and finally INTERVEW as an IPS officer. Manoj failed first time in H.S. There, students were passed in groups in villages. The next time Manoj, coming in contact with an honest police officer, passed H.S. in third division without giving up. After passing B.A, he went to Delhi with two eyes full of dreams to become an IPS officer.

Actor “Vikrant Masir” acting in the role of Manoj here is deeply touching. How he portrayed the character in such a real way, it is surprising to think! Medha Shankar as his girlfriend, Anshuman Pushkar as Gauri’s brother, Anantavijay Joshi as Manoj’s friend Pandey are all simply outstanding.

Point of view

A movie or a story becomes worthwhile only when common people can relate to it in their own lives. Today, many people like me who studied in Bengali medium or Hindi medium, subsequently stumbled step by step while studying in English during higher education. This movie also says the same thing. So watching this movie will unknowingly remind many people of their own lives.

Finally I want to say one thing, we who are movie lovers, inspired by watching good movies and constantly learning something, must watch this movie.
movie story

Movie budget

The budget of the movie was only 20 crore rupees (India) box office collection earned 3 times.

Box office collection

66 Crore box office collection.
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