Dhootha (2023) Naga Chaitanya Thriller Series

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Dhootha (2023) Naga Chaitanya Thriller Series

Series : Dhootha (2023)
Directed & Written by Vikram K. Kumar
Cast – Naga Chaitanya, Parvathy, Prachi Desai, Priya, Pasupathy,

The series premiered on 1 December 2023 on Amazon Prime Video.
A must watch
Only On : Amazon Prime,

Mystery,Crime,Horror Thriller,Suspense📰 Everything is there in this Dhootha 🧾📇, (Telugu) web series Tie. Starring Naga Chaitanya as Sagar Varma Avudhuri, (Chief Editor of “Samachar”) the chip editor of Samachar newspaper. He is the main character here. Naga Chaitanya gives the best performance here.

The death of journalists one after the other in torrential rain! Those journalists are dying who are corrupt, along with his family members are being killed one by one. Those who do not bring forth the right news for money and power. Those who have sold out to dishonest leaders. One by one their mystery death. A news cut-out or small piece of newspaper containing the date and time of the death is written before the death, and is delivered before the death. Why journalists are dying one after another, what is the secret behind it, who is killing them or who is killing them, to know everything you have to watch DHOOTHA

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And if you talk about the mystery of this death, it is known that it started in 1962! Which is related to one another. The main attraction of this series is raining on the edge of Mosul☔. Throughout the series, the rain has been shown to be amazing which makes the series more interesting.

Mild Spoiler- Journalist Sagar Bharma (Naga Ch) and his wife Priya (Priya Bhavani) were returning home with their only daughter Anjali and a Posho dog 🐕. They were returning home from the Samachar Patrika program so it was late for their return. Suddenly their car ran out of petrol as they approached Dum Dum Dhaba. Seeing a dhaba on the roadside, Sagar went to buy something. Only their child Anjali and their pet dog were in the car. Sagar sees that there is a piece of paper hanging in that dhaba and it says that their pet dog will die in a car accident at this time of night. Seeing this, the sea was very shocked. And shortly after that, a truck 🚛 came and hit their car and threw it on the edge of the ditch. Sagar and Priya thought that their daughter was also in that car so they started shouting. After some time their daughter camue and hugged Sagar. When the incident happened, their daughter got down from the car. Unfortunately, their pet dog died. What was written on that piece of paper happened and happened at that time. Sagar was very scared at the thought of that.

Thus the plot of the E-series continues. The web series of 5 hours and 50 minutes will not bore you even once. As the series progresses, the mystery will deepen. The knots will open one by one. What happened in 1962, why before someone died, a small piece of paper arrived. Who prints them, who is behind it, what truth is hidden, you must watch Dhootha, the climax of the series is beyond expectation. Those who love thriller, horror, crime series must watch. It will be awesome, don’t be bored.

Rain is the main attraction of this series. Apart from Naga Chaitanya, everyone’s performance is excellent.

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